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We offer support and coaching to teams and businesses, helping them discover new ways to work together.

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There are 4 ways that we can help you achieve your goals

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as a Scrum Master...

As a Scrum Master, I can provide leadership to new or existing Scrum teams, whilst also serving the entire organisation. Coaching and teaching will be adapted to suit the needs of the team, who will be empowered to decide how they evolve and progress.
This isn't just for software and technical teams...Scrum can be applied in most situations.

as an Agile Coach...

An Agile Coach operates at a slightly different level to a Scrum Master and is less hands-on with the day to day team dynamics. Right across your organisation, we can uncover ways for you to shape your version of agility. I will help guide you through your agile transformation and figure out what it means, and why you need it. Agility comes in all shapes and sizes and can be adopted in both technical and non-technical contexts, every organisation has the ability to be agile.

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as a Business Analyst...

As an Agile Business Analyst, there are many different techniques and artefacts used to support agile teams and different expectations of the role.

We have helped many digital teams take their ideas from inception all the way through to delivery.
Being able to perform this role in an agile environment requires the ability to change direction and focus if needed, and there is a skill in being able to create artefacts that allow for this.

If you need to know more, let's have a conversation.

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Helping you succeed

Having someone to guide you through your journey, to observe, build a foundation of transparency, reflection and continuous improvement, is a great way to make sure you get the most from your agile working.

Discovering areas of improvement and the ways to solve these will be a joint effort, meaning that whatever your agile transformation looks like, it will be unique to you, your team, and your business.

Wheat Field

Responding to change over following a plan. 


This is the essence of true agility. Don't be afraid to admit you were wrong, it's all part of the empirical journey of discovering the right answer. 


The answer that is right for today, with today's circumstances, not yesterday's. It's not only OK to change your mind, but success often requires that you do.


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