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Find your People

Make your business stand out and be sure that you're attracting the very best talent

Ever get the sense that your attempts at hiring agile people aren't getting the right results? Then let us help you make sure that you're putting together the right advert, for the right role and aimed at the right people. Giving the right impression from the moment they see your advert will ensure that you are not overlooked. 


If you're a business looking to recruit into your existing agile teams or if you're looking to create new ones, let's figure out why and the long term ambitions for the roles. This will go a long way to build a great narrative to your search, and to help sell your business too. Stories sell...let's find yours.


Now that we know why you're recruiting we can start to identify what it is you need from the role. This obviously plays a huge part in defining the who...but this is where we start to consider specifics and start to narrow things down. What will this person bring to the teams, the business and how they will delight your customers?


Let us understand your needs, your culture, and the type of person you are looking for. We can help you find the right people with properly understood titles, and using language commonly found in these circles. Don't put good people off by being unable to articulate the role with words they expect to see.


We can compliment your already existing recruitment processes both internal or 3rd party, or we can help you find your people in your own way. Skilled and active agile people tend to belong to networks and organic referrals are a great way to find them.

If you want to know more, please get in touch...we'd love to meet you and show you how we can help.